Track Printer Usage

PrintVisor is a printer monitoring software that allows you to analyze what’s going on with your printers and printing supplies. It gives you actionable insights about the use of your printer infrastructure. The program sends requests to printers and gets responses; therefore, it can monitor all printers’ availability and activity and display their current state in real-time.

PrintVisor Features

The program should be installed on all computers which have access to printing devices. This way, it can monitor all printers’ operation and status, showing what’s happening with each printer. PrintVisor also provides data on print consumables: ink, toner, and paper consumption. 

PrintVisor helps you quickly find out:

  • What’s the status of a selected printing device?
  • Which printers are not used, and which are most loaded?
  • How much ink or toner is left?
  • What and how many document pages do users print? 

Printers: Activity and Statuses 

Get an overview of all available devices – local, network, shared, and virtual printers. You can see the current status, possible errors, and additional information on each unit. You’ll also know which devices are most and least loaded.

Real-time printer status tracking and additional information on each connected device are located on the Printers tab: 

PrintVisor: monitoring of network, shared and virtual printers

Printer stats

You can see the profile of each printer by double-clicking it from the Printers tab or selecting Open printer stats from the context menu: 

Open printer stats in PrintVisor
Printer profile: ink levels, installed cartridges, compatible cartridges

A printer’s profile contains Ink levels, Installed cartridges, and Compatible cartridges (available only for some printers models). By clicking the cog near a printer’s icon, you can:

  • Open printer properties
  • Open print queue
  • Open device manager
  • Print a test page

Printed Documents

Each printer’s profile contains a list of recently printed documents. You can see their filetypes, how many pages were printed, date and time, which printer was used, time of waiting, and time of printing. You can see the person who initiated the printing (Author), filename (Name), and the number of pages (Pages). 

PrintVisor shows recently printed documents in the interface
The document names and user names in the program’s interface or PrintVisor Admin Panel are partially are hidden behind asterisks (*). Serial Numbers (SN) or ID numbers do not relate to those of real printers or users. Therefore, any information that can identify an individual is not exposed.

Document printing statistics

You can always check the overall statistics for a specific printer: how many documents/pages were printed during the past day, week, and month. Here you can also see the number of pages, average waiting time, and average printing time. 

This data is also provided in the Admin Panel in more detail. 

PrintVisor document printing statistics: pages, documents, waiting time, printing time

Cartridges: Ink & Toner Levels

You can track the current ink or toner levels of each printer. Their volume is displayed as a percentage and is presented in CMYK colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Thus, you’ll always know if a specific printer is running out of ink and buy supplies in advance.

Information about a printer and ink levels is displayed on the Cartridges tab:

Track printers' current ink or toner levels with PrintVisor

Want to get started quickly? Here’s a brief overview of the interface: 

Admin Panel: More Statistics!

The program has a web dashboard – the Admin Panel. Compared to the program’s interface, it has more detailed statistics and information about printers, users, computers, documents, and pages. It opens in a browser.

Ink levels – daily statistics on ink consumption in PrintVisor

In this dashboard, you can find detailed information on print statistics and recent activity. Here you’ll see detailed statistics and data on PCs, printers connected to them, compatible cartridges, users, and files, which they print, ink levels, logs, and stats. On the left menu, you can switch to categories: Dashboard, Printers, Computers, and Statistics.

PrintVisor Admin Panel (web-based dashboard)

For instance, here you can see daily, weekly and monthly stats for each printer: 

  • Documents printed
  • Pages printed
  • Average time of waiting
  • Average time of printing
Printer usage statistics (28 days, 7 days,  24 hours) in PrintVisor

PrintVisor’s Features in Detail

Run the program in client mode only

You can configure the program to work in the background mode only – without access to the interface. PrintVisor will be “hidden” in the system tray and will not distract the user. To return to normal mode, entering the company ID and password or contacting the administrator will be required.

Deploy the program silently to multiple PCs in the office

A system administrator (e.g., an office manager) can install and run the application from one central location so that it does not distract employees. Remote installation on multiple PCs is possible via the command line. 

It is also possible to set up updates automatically for all connected users within an organization and perform them on multiple computers directly from the Admin Panel. 

Perform updates from the system tray without dialogs

Perform silent update directly from the system tray, by right-clicking the PrintVisor icon and selecting Update PrintVisor. This way, you’ll get the latest version without displaying the interface or additional dialogs. 

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