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PrintVisor is a Windows application that controls the use of printers and monitors printer activity.

The program collects data on the status of all printing devices in the company and displays them in the interface and a web dashboard.

PrintVisor shows ink, toner and paper consumption throughout the office. It provides data on printers’ statuses, print jobs, printed documents, possible errors in the operation of printers, time and duration of printing tasks.

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The program currently is in closed beta. If you'd like to try PrintVisor as soon as it is released, sign up today and receive early access! You'll get a link to the installation file on the day of release.

Simple solution for print audit in the office

PrintVisor allows you to track the availability, status, and workload of printers – local, network, virtual. The program determines ink and toner levels, as well as the number of printed documents. PrintVisor collects data online and automatically sends reports on expenses. The program features provide complete control over any printing device on your network.

You can check your printers’ ink or toner levels directly in the interface or online. With PrintVisor, you will always be in the know:
– which printers are most loaded and which are idle
– when you need to replenish supplies
– what is the current status of printers
– what do users print (who, what, and when)

Get real-time data


Monitor the parameters of all connected printers (local, network, and virtual): physical availability, workload, printer status, print queues, and operation errors.

Ink & toner

Control the ink and toner consumption for printers and MFPs in your company and get data on each device. You will see which cartridges need to be replaced soon. The dynamics of spending by days, weeks, and months are displayed or sent via email.


Monitor paper usage inside the company in the form of visual reports. Get short reports on the number of printed sheets of paper for the estimated time, the dynamics of spending by day, week, and month.

Print jobs

Monitor print jobs sent to a particular printer. This will allow you to reduce the load on heavily loaded devices and use idle machines more often.

Print history

View data on all printed documents for a specific period and print volumes – the number of pages, filetypes, and filenames. Keep track of printing processes and know who, what, and when is printing at your facility.


Set up custom reports, and PrintVisor will regularly email you daily, weekly, and monthly data based upon consumption/print volume history and user activity.

How it works

Step 1

Install the software

Download the program and install it on the PC of the user who will monitor all printers.
Step 1
Step 2

Get your company ID

Get a free unique company identifier (ID) in the program interface. All monitored printers within your organization will be connected to this ID.
Step 2
Step 3

Connect other users

Install the program on the computers of your employees, and they should connect using the same ID. Employees' PCs and printers can be near you or be located remotely.
Step 3
Step 4

All set!

...and you can get up-to-date information through the app and a convenient web dashboard. Now you keep your finger on the pulse. Data for all printers is collected in a regularly updated database. You see useful data in real-time and get reports.
Step 4

User interface & Admin panel

Monitor all printers in your company account

All print data in one interface

A simple and intuitive interface displays all connected printers and ink or toner levels for each device. Here you can create a new company account or log in an existing one. There is also a client version mode for ordinary employees, in which the program simply runs in the background.

Track remote printers via web dashboard

Admin panel

The admin panel is Google Analytics dashboard from the world of printers. It opens in any web browser. It is a dashboard that shows more information, divided by computer, printer, and user. The panel displays various data, statistics, graphs, settings, and logs. Here you can set the sending of reports.


Uninterrupted printing. You can redirect the document flows to an accessible device if a particular printer is off or not currently available for work.

Print speed. You can control how much time is spent on the printing, queue time and set default printers. This will ensure the comfort and efficiency of your staff.

Print security. You can assess the risks of running out of printer consumables (ink, toner, paper) in advance and purchase supplies in time.

PrintVisor features

Cartridge and Toner Control

Cartridge and toner control

PrintVisor provides cartridge levels monitoring of local and network printers of various models.

Paper Expenditure Control

Paper expenditure control

PrintVisor lets you get information on the number of printed sheets of paper for a certain time: day, week, month. This allows you to estimate costs and reduce them.

Printer Availability Monitoring

Printer availability monitoring

PrintVisor provides information on the availability of this or that printer at the moment: online/offline, standby mode, error, no ink/paper.

Print Queue Monitoring

Printer load control

PrintVisor determines the number of files in print queues and printers' workload assessment. The program will have the ability to switch between printers and set a failover printer.

Printed Documents Monitoring

Printed documents monitoring

PrintVisor displays filenames of printed files, usernames and associated PCs. You'll always know who prints something and be aware of the print volumes.

Printer Status Monitoring

Printer status monitoring

PrintVisor informs you about errors and possible issues of this or that printing device.

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If you’d like to get notified as soon as PrintVisor is released, sign up today and receive early access! You’ll get a link to the installation file on the day of release. We’ll send you just the occasional email now and then (no spamming – we promise).

Remote control features

Remote Printer Data Collection

Remote printer data collection

All printers in different company departments are united into a single system. No matter if the printer is next door or in another country – you still get data from it.

Cost Control of Paper within a Company

Cost control of paper within a company

With PrintVisor, you can track the monthly dynamics of costs on paper and other supplies. Based on this data, you can, for example, initiate policies or recommendations for saving paper in your company.

Remote Printer Access and Load Control

Remote printer access and load control

You can evenly distribute the load, knowing which printers are constantly involved and which are idle. The program also allows you to set specific printers by default.


PrintVisor will be free of charge while in open beta. After the final release, the program will be available on an annual subscription (for those who want to monitor more than three printers*). Subscribe today to get your free copy without any restrictions!
PrinVisor is free while in beta
*Virtual printers are not counted; their number is unlimited.


With PrintVisor, you can find out the computer from which the desired file was printed and the time when it was done.

Usually, the fastest or the closest printer is selected for printing; this is convenient. However, in a large office, this can lead to losses of time. With large print queues, an employee can wait a long time until his/her document is printed out. It is a good idea to evenly distribute the print load on all office printers according to their capabilities. Using PrintVisor, you’ll be able to see which printers are heavily loaded in the “Printers” tab and the Admin Panel.

Ink or toner supplies may run out at an unexpected time or prints will fade. If you have many printing devices, keeping track of their supplies is necessary – and PrintVisor helps with it. Printer monitoring not only can optimize consumption and reduce costs but also helps to maintain a smooth workflow in a modern office.

The program can be installed remotely from the company’s server, and updates can be made from the Admin Panel without distracting the employees.

The company ID is a unique number that is assigned to all printers when creating your company profile. You create the company profile only once to unite all printers into a single controlled system. All data will be collected in one place and tracked remotely. To get your company ID, go to the “User” tab > “User ID”, click the gear icon and select “Get New User ID”.

With the username and password for the company profile, you can have personal access to it or share access data with other employees (for example, office managers). Other employees who do not have access will see the program in client version mode (only as an icon in the Windows tray).

PrintVisor is at the final development stage. If you’d like to test it, please contact us directly.

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